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Update 24th of April, to resume oral care

Why do we resume oral care?
Before the Corona crisis, oral care was at such a high hygienic level that it was responsible to be able to work during times of a virus epidemic. Research in Wuhan, China and Italy has shown that dentists and support staff have been infected very little (0.47%). There are known cases in Italy, but these could be traced back to social contacts and not to work contacts.
It is important that there is a clear selection in advance so that people with symptoms are not treated or seen. We apply the principles of RIVM. They assume that people who are possibly infected and have no symptoms are not contagious themselves.

Who should not (yet) contact us?
1. Obviously everyone who has or thinks to have Covid-19 symptoms should stay at home. They are requested to contact the doctor in case of serious complaints. If you should have symptoms and serious mouth complaints, we can help you over the phone with any medication and, if necessary, register with the Corona Center for Acute Oral Care (CAM), where currently 11 ROAZ dentists work in special centers under strict precautions.
2. people with weakened defenses or reduced health. This refers to people with respiratory problems (COPD and or Asthma), people who are obese, have heart weakness or who use chemotherapy or immunosuppressive medication, such as after organ transplantation, or those who have a reduced immune system e.g. due to the lack of the spleen, or due to medication against rehuma or people with kidney disease.
For these patients, we must ask you in your own interest to be patient. We have screened our entire patient file for this possible problem and will always take this information into consideration when you call to make appointments.

Who may contact us?
For all other patients who feel healthy, they can make appointments again. For those who still had appointments, it is wise to contact them to confirm or move them. We will actively call patients who were not allowed to come for appointments in the past 6 weeks. We assume in advance that treatments that have already been planned will continue. However, treatments in patients at increased risk will be canceled. Regular checks will be discussed a little later.

What has changed for you in our dental office?
We ask you to arrive on time. I.e. not too late, but not too early, so that as few people as possible is in the waiting room at the same time. We have halved the number of seats in the waiting room. We will be doing our best not to let treatments run out and we request that you stay briefly after the treatment. Please go to the toilet and brush your teeth at home beforehand.
You will come alone as much as possible. If that is not possible, or if this is really undesirable, you may be accompagny one person maximum. Parents can come with a maximum of 2 children simultaneously. Other children may come another time, or we request you to let them wait outside /in the car.
We request you (and any necessary companion) to wash your hands with soap upon entering.
Thereafter you are requested not to come into contact with your face or phone. We deliberately removed the magazines in the waiting room.
You have long been used to us wearing gloves and face masks and that we disinfect our hands frequently. What you may not have seen is that we regularly disinfect the door handles and banisters. We also now wear extra safety glasses or face shield. Our employees also work according to an adjusted schedule, so that we do not all start up, have lunch and close at the same time.

If you have an appointment, but still develop complaints, the appointment will be canceled. We will only allow people we know to be healthy. If you answer ‘yes’ to one of the following questions, we request you to cancel the appointment.
• Do you actually have corona contamination?
• Do you actually have roommates with corona?
• Have you been cured of corona for less than 2 weeks?
• Do you have one or more of the following symptoms: cold, sneezing, cough, sore throat,
shortness of breath, fever (> 38C)?
• Do you have roommates with these complaints?
• Are you in home insulation?
• Do you live in a nursing home or institution for people with intellectual disabilities?
• Do you have a cold from hay fever?

Hopefully you are doing well and will remain so. In the meantime, take good care of each other and continue to brush your teeth carefully with fluoride-containing tooth paste and, above all, keep brushing.
Kind Regards,
Team Van Gils & Lie tandartsen


Healthy and beautiful teeth are connected with a healthy periodontium and gums.

Prevention is therefore the focus of our practice management. Once daily thoroughly brushing in the right way helps prevent tooth diseases and avoid serious problems.

We are convinced that when the necessary knowledge is transmitted in a quiet way there you have the reward. Good communication is essential and we will always do our best.

Obviously, a good technical execution of the treatments something we always promote and what we are trying to perfect. Our quality we endorse to give garantee on our crowns and bridges work and the restorations. (Ask for our conditions).


Our dental hygienists give you advice on daily dental care. They also provide regular professional cleaning of your teeth.


Trust and comfort

At every appointment we take the time needed to feel at ease. We provide information and explain every step, in order to make the treatment as clear for you as possible.

We work with patient- friendly anaesthesia methods. This way, care for healthy teeth and feeling at ease at the dentist go hand in hand.

We offer:

General dentistry

Prevention plan for children from 0-18 years

Cosmetic dentistry ( facings and bleaching)

Endodontics ( rootcanal therapy)

Ceramic crowns and bridges

Porcelain partial onlay ’s

Orthodontics with the invisible aligners’

Implantology by dr. Peet van Gils, certified NVOI

Periodontology by dr. Peet van Gils, certified NVvP

Dental care for elderly patients

Our quality is our main priority. We are certified by:

KRT ( the Dutch quality register for dentist)

KRM ( the Dutch professional register for dental hygienists)

NVvP ( The Dutch Society for Periodontology)

NVOI ( The Dutch Society for Implantology)

Our dentists, as well as our dental hygienists and prevention assistents attend updating courses on regular bases.

Meet our team

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New patients are welcome. Please contact us by email or by phone (English spoken).

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Our openinghours are:
Monday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Tuesday until Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

To cancell an appointment you are kindly requested to contact us within 48 hours before.

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